A pub closes every 12 hours in the UK.

Why that’s happening is a complicated story with lots of characters,
like Game of Thrones but with fewer dragons and more tax liability
on small business owners.

The short version is:
• Beer at pubs is expensive
• People are making less money
• Pub owners are burdened with shrinking profits from both sides
• Pubcos tend to care more about the bottom line than the community
• Developers see opportunities to build housing everywhere they turn

Pubs are about more than just the pint.

Pubs give people a place to experience life differently than anywhere else.

I love bumping into and catching up with people I know.
It’s cosy and comforting. I like to play pool or do a pub quiz with friends.
I enjoy spending times with my friends there, and find pubs better for talking and socialising than bars.
There's less pressure to drink a lot at pubs, and if there is a pub garden you can get some fresh air!
I like to get out the house, have a walk and unexpectedly see people I know when I get to the pub.

Local pubs are worth saving.

Thousands of people are realizing this, and uniting to preserve vital hubs in their communities.

Community-owned pubs are a relatively recent phenomenon, starting in pockets around the UK about a decade ago, but are gaining a lot of steam.
Just in the past year the number of community owned pubs has more than doubled across the UK.

Video courtesy of The Plunkett Foundation

"Pubs are the life blood of a community. In my area everyone knows each other and we help each other out when we need anything. From finding tradespeople to helping with an allotment."

"They are integral to society, promoting real discussion and debate on various issues all done in usually a friendly and humourous manner."

"Community pride, a meeting place but not a party venue - part of the fabric of local life. Pubs should never be flats. They provide link with local heritage."

"They are incredibly important. I met my fiancé in a pub. Which follows my family tradition! They are a meeting place. The best thing is you don’t have to have a reason to be there, they are open to everyone. You don’t have to sign up or be part of a certain thing, you can just go."

"They play a major role in supporting charities, events, and people - and in the prevention of loneliness and isolation."

"They are totally vital for community cohesion. They give people the opportunity to get out the house, go for a walk and they help alleviate loneliness."

"They are community hubs. They are useful as meeting places and as a way of bringing together new groups of people."

Prevent a hole in your community.

Support community-owned pubs.

Will community owned pubs save the world? Doubtful. But they can save your community.

Interested in supporting the community pub movement or starting your own in your community?

CAMRA and the Plunkett Foundation have amazing resources for the business side of things

You can also help by visiting community-owned pubs. They don’t exist to make a profit, they exist to be there for you, so use them!

Share this website with your friends. Explore your area. See what’s out there. And support local businesses. They matter.

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